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Our Dining Room Is Open Please Call In If You Would Like To Dine In

ถ้าคุณได้มีโอกาสมาเยือนเมืองฟีนิกส์ และ ต้องการลิ้มรสอาหารไทยในต่างแดนที่ยังคงรสชาดอาหารไทยจริงๆ นึกถึงเราสิคะ/ครับ ยินดีต้อนรับเสมอ
For Lunch and Dinner, Royal Thai Grill is a Mesa, Arizona hidden gem. Royal Thai Grill is a neighborhood cooking real Thai food for over 20 years! Come and “Gin Khow”, Eat Rice, at what people are saying is the, hands down, best Thai food in Phoenix. Royal Thai Grill serves traditional Thai food until 8PM every night of the week! We look forward to serving you our authentic and delicious Thai cuisine, Thai dishes for lunch and dinner.

What Is Royal Thai Food?

When Thai Food is called Royal Thai Food it means something. Royal Thai Food is held to higher standards. Greens like lettuce and cabbage must be fresh, washed and crisp. Meats like shrimp, pork and chicken must be lean and properly prepared then cooked perfectly to be juicy and tender. Sauces are hand made in small batches with unique flavors that compliment Royal Thai Food dishes. When you eat Royal Thai Food the flavors are pronounced and time practiced. Eat at Royal Thai Grill and Royal Thai Food standards are what you will get. People who have traveled and lived in Thailand will know and appreciate the Royal Thai Grill difference. You will love and appreciate that these amazing Thai flavors are so much closer to home.

Thai Style Dining

We have a small dining room for our friends that wish to dine it. During these times we ask that you call in as we have limited seating with social distancing practices.
480-733-9025Pad Thai with Chicken We always put the peanuts and bean sprouts to the side on Pad Thai dishes.

Introducing Laab Nur!

A plate of Larb Moo will win the battle against hunger every time. Larb is a traditional Thai dish made of chopped pieces of chicken, beef, fish or pork sautéed in Thai spices with thinly sliced red onions. Served for lunch and dinner with white rice and fresh greens, lettuce and cabbage. For some zest to your Larb, squeeze some fresh lime juice and dig in. Choose your spicy level and give Larb Nur a try.

Larb Nur Pork Delicious Larb Moo. A great dish for meat lovers that doesn’t have to be spicy.

Like Beef Jerky? Try One Sun Pork

Thais meat dishes, such as One Sun Pork, are commonly served a al carte intended to be shared or eaten with white rice. One Sun Pork is a generous helping of hand cut, Sun dried, strips of seasoned pork. During the outdoor drying time the pork strips are protected from flies with a mesh tent or a “Meat Condo”. After “One Sun” the pork is done! Quick frying finishes the well seasoned and firm pork strips. Plated and served with our homemade Southwestern Thai dipping sauce.

Thai Soup Is Delicious

To complete the Thai meal mix in some sips of soup as you eat. You’ll find in helps to enhance the detailed flavors of the other dishes. Go for the Hot and Sour or the world famous Tom Yum Goong.

One Sun Pork
One Sun Pork could be called “Thai Pork Jerky” … but not quite so dry.

Our Pledge

We enjoy providing Fresh, Quality ingredients in all of our Chinese-Thai fusion and Authentic Thai Dishes. We want you and your family to have a hot, memorable meal when you carry out. We keep our prices affordable for you to eat healthy Thai food instead of fast food. See you soon!


Monday - Sunday 11AM - 8PM

Franchise Opportunity Available


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