Special Northeastern Thai Food

    • Special Northeastern Style

      Special Northeastern Style, Essan Thai Food.

    • Beef Tripes Salad


      This Dish Is Spicy. Beef Tripes Salad Menu Item #7.

    • Cornish Game Hen


      Deep fried whole game hen with special Thai dip.

    • Crying Tiger


      This Dish Is Spicy.Yum Nur Nam Tok. Grilled beef, mint leaves, red onion, green onion ground rice and spicy sauce. Menu Item #5.

    • Goong Chae Nam Plah


      This Dish Is Spicy.Goong Chae Nam Plah. Fresh raw shrimps served with special sauce. Menu Item #10.

    • Hot Chicken E-Sarn Soup


      This Dish Is Spicy.Hot Chicken E-Sarn Soup. Chicken with vegetable in spicy hot soup. Menu Item #14.

    • Larb Nur or Larb Gai


      This Dish Is Spicy.Larb Nur or Larb Gai. A spicy hot ground beef or chicken with mint, red onion, lettuce, green onion. Menu Item #3.

    • Larb Plar (Fish)


      This Dish Is Spicy.Larb Plah. E-Sarn Hot & spicy fish with mint, red onion, lettuce and green onion. Menu Item #12.

    • One Sun Pork

      9. 95

      One Sun Pork. Pork Jerky tasty and tender. Menu Item #17.

    • Plar Goong


      This Dish Is Spicy.Plar Goong. Grilled medium shrimp mixed with fresh garden spices tasty lemon grass,lettuce,onion,hot pepper and lime juice. Menu Item #9.

    • Som Tum Crab


      This Dish Is Spicy. Papaya salad with salted crab, tomato, hot chili and special juice. Menu Item #19.

    • Som Tum Thai


      This Dish Is Spicy.Som Tum Thai. Papaya salad with peanut, dried shrimp, tomato, hot chili and special juice. Menu Item #18.

    • Sticky Rice


      An Essan style basket of Sticky Rice. Menu Item #20.

    • ToFu Nam Tok


      ToFu Nam Tok Menu Item #16.

    • Tom Yum E-Sarn


      This Dish Is Spicy.Tom Yum E-Sarn. Special hot spicy soup of beef tripes. Menu Item #13.

    • Yam Woon-Sen


      This Dish Is Spicy.Yam Woon-Sen. Spicy salad with bean thread, ground pork, shrimp, vegetables and spicy lemon juice. Menu Item #8.

    • Yum Namm Sod


      This Dish Is Spicy.Yum Namm Sod. Spicy hot ground fresh pork-tender, skin pork with ginger. Menu Item #15.

    • Yum Nur


      This Dish Is Spicy.Yum Nur. Grilled beef, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and lettuce mixed with a spicy lime sauce. Menu Item #4.

    • Yum Nur Nam Tok


      Crying Tiger. A slice char broiled beef with special hot dips. Menu Item #6.

    • YumPla Muk (Calamari Salad)


      This Dish Is Spicy.YumPla Muk. Hot & spicy salad of grilled baby squids. Menu Item #11.

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*Consuming Raw Or Undercooked Seafood, Eggs, Or Meats, May Increase Your Risk Of Foodborne Illness Especially If You Have Certain Medical Conditions.
**Our food may contain nuts and / or shellfish of all kinds. Please let us know ahead of time if you have an allergy.


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